We use the Seaward Apollo 600

Only Apollo 600 integrates PAT testing with risk assessment so we can comply with the latest IET Code of Practice. We trust this fast, easy to use, multi-tasking management tool to keep us ahead of the changes. 

The Apollo 600 is the tool for PAT testers and has a range of features, ensuring you get the most accurate and easily understood results possible.

The Apollo 600 from Seaward has a full suite of advanced electrical safety tests for both electrical and universal risks

The on-board camera provides visual evidence to tag against records

The device generates Health & safety reports and certificates via Simply PAT 7 Software

It also allows us to keep comprehensive client records including test and inspection reports, risk assessments and visual evidence.

te and easily understood results possible.

Simple and Complete Health & Safety Management

We are in a very competitive business and believe you deserve the best. The Apollo 600 saves time, money and reduces the hassle of health and safety management. Combining many of the tools required to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations into one handheld, easy to use device allows us to:

  • Carry out comprehensive electrical safety testing and calculate suggested retest periods with the on-board electrical risk assessment tool
  • Carry out non-electrical risk assessments and store the results against sites, locations and assets
  • Use the on-board camera to record visual evidence of risk assessments, tests and inspections
  • Complete reports for many workplace inspections and testing requirements including emergency lighting and fire alarm and detection systems
  • Transfer back to the office or to a PC quickly and easily for detailed record-keeping and total trace-ability